This Guy

Andrew turned 31 on Wednesday.

We usually don't make a big deal out of our birthdays, but he's had a crazy year and just got a long awaited promotion at work so we were in the mood to celebrate.

Josie and I planned a fun dinner with his favorite cake for dessert and a few gifts.  

The kids made cards and I handed Josie a five dollar bill and we headed out to the dollar store so she could do some shopping for her Daddy.

She walked up and down each isle really thinking about what he would like.  It was adorable to listen to her reasons why he really needed window wipes (for his new car) and why he didn't need a back scratcher ("he has you for that mom").

She ended up getting him his favorite toothpaste, window wipes, an expandable towel, and a flashlight.  She spent her last dollar on some wrapping paper.

We spent his actual birthday at the zoo since 31 is apparently the year that you start spending your birthday doing things your kids will enjoy.  He did get to eat dinner at The Varsity so he wasn't too disappointed with the day.  

It was such a perfect day.

He is an incredible husband.  I know that all my friends don't understand how I'm married to a crazy guy like him, but his crazy is the perfect balance to my crazy.  We've been married for ten years, together for twelve, and I can't believe that every year keeps getting better.

This guy's a keeper.


Tina Leonard Samson said...

Sounds like a great day! Do you have any posts about the Josie Can Read board I see behind her in one of these pics? I'd love to learn more about that :)

kimmer said...

This is so special and so sweet!!! She loves her daddy a lot! He's a very cool Dad!!'

Kelli said...

Looks like a great day! :)

Becca said...

What a fun day! By the way, while I was reading this I just had this sudden realization that I never returned your email forever ago! I hope you'll forgive me for being such a flake! I'll email you soon!!!

Marlo said...

Every picture I see of you is flawless ;) I love seeing your family outing pictures! You guys always seem so happy!