I get that all babies are miracles.

The fact that cells can align and reproduce and create a creature that will live and play and dump excessive amounts of Cheerios on the floor is mind boggling.  These tiny humans will grow and lose teeth and tell awful knock knock jokes.  They will suffer loses and celebrate great victories and all of it, every little piece of it, will be a total miracle.

And even though I know that each baby is it's own epic event, my family is full of extra special miracle babies.

From a 4 pound baby girl born in the back of an ambulance to a drug addicted mother that received no prenatal care whatsoever to a grey baby boy born with half a heart that was given a 30% chance of survival and almost ended up being raised in poverty and neglect to the newest life that is multiplying in it's mothers womb, and in all of our hearts, at this very moment.

This baby that a year ago wasn't on anyone's radar.

Heck, we were all just trying to hold it together and keep my brother alive.  We were scared and crying countless tears and praying for results that would change our world back to the ease of October 30th.

My brother's brain tumor gave me yet another paradigm shift.

Even though I thought I'd grown leaps and bounds in my prospective of life.  Even though I thought I was loving deeper and letting go of the small stuff, I wasn't.

Almost losing my lifelong hero, the only one that knows me in the way that is only possible if your lives ran side by side, sharing bunk beds and family trips and a string of genetics, made my eyes open to see just how much of a miracle every day is.

It's all beautiful.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  It's weaving together and writing a story that is mine.  Each event leading to another.  The end connecting to the beginning.

And man, is it ever a page turner.

We don't know a single thing about this baby except that it is obviously going to play soccer.

We have a little over two months before we meet Spiderman (dubbed in utero, sure to stick).  This miracle baby that will bring a glorious beginning to Chapter 2013.

Sweet little one.  Reminding us that all pain is temporary, that joy comes after a night of torment.  This new life that has me cherishing every day just a little more then the one before.

I can't wait to meet you.

*Pictures from the sweetest shower ever.  

 (we were supposed to wear blue if we thought the baby will be a boy and pink if we thought it would be a girl.  There was a lot of political correctness going on with splashes of both colors just in case!)


Nora said...

Loooooove you.

Jessa said...

precious. wonderful. huge congratulations.

Becca said...

I love this :-) yay!