Go With It

Last week I had my hours at Adoption Discovery cut, Andrew had to give back his new car, and my coffee pot broke.

And that was just Monday.

A year ago, just one of those major life changes would have sent me into a tailspin.  My entire week would have been consumed with worry and what ifs and what am I going to do's.  Knots in my stomach, unable to function like a normal human.

The fact that I wasn't losing it hit me in the middle of the day.

So my hours got cut.

Good thing I just took on another awesome contract job.

So Andrew didn't get approved for the loan like we thought.

Pretty lucky that there are a million cars for sale.

And the coffee pot, well that was still a minor emergency but nothing I couldn't handle.

Somewhere over the past year I got it through my skull that change is inevitable.

The only thing I can plan for is that things will happen that aren't in my plan.

I can stress and worry and drive myself crazy trying to figure out a solution or I can roll with it.  Follow the change, see where it takes us.

Even Andrew noticed how laid back I was about it all.

"Thanks for not freaking out about all of this."

Eeee, is that what I used to do?  Freak out?

About things that ultimately don't effect anything that means anything?  What a pointless reaction to life.

By bedtime that night, I had been asked to take on more hours at my new job, Andrew got the car he actually wanted for a lower price, and low and behold, the coffee pot decided to kick back into gear.

Things work out.

Sometimes it doesn't happen in the timeframe we hoped for.  Sometimes it looks messy and makes us sweat, but it works out.

I think I'm going to like just going with it.


Cunz Family said...

I've adjusted to the 'just go with it' attitude about 3 seconds after I became a Navy wife and the Navy will do whatever they want, and not what you want (you know, like not sending your husband home from deployment while you're birthing his child...man that was awesome.). (We were better planners this time around....wink wink) Not that I still don't like things planned out to a T, but adjusting to that attitude has made things a bit easier.

Kameron said...

I needto work on that myself. I tend to freak out a lot. Messes, things that dont go right. I need to learn to go with the flow more. :) It's a good lesson for us all!

Jacci in Ohio said...

I was very distracted trying to read your post. There was this ADORABLE little boy in the photos that kept making me smile at him! :D