Geography - Antarctica

Happy Halloween!

After snapping pictures of your little goblins tonight, remember to charge up your batteries for First Day tomorrow!  I wanna see your candy!

So last week we learned a little about Antarctica.

Since there really isn't much activity going on down there, this was a quick and easy unit.  We watched our All About Penguins DVD from Marshall Publishing and did an experiment to learn about how blubber keeps animals warm in all that ice.

The blubber experiment was a total hit.  

You just need a big bowl of ice water and a baggie of Crisco.  I had her put another baggie on her hand like a glove before she stuck it in the baggie full of Crisco to keep the mess down.  She was pretty grossed out by the texture at first but ended up loving it.

She stuck her blubber covered hand and uncovered hand in the ice water to see which hand got coldest.  She said both hands got pretty cold but the blubber did make it not so cold.

UGH!  That toothless smile gets me every time!

We are ending our continent studies this week with North America which will transition really well into our Thanksgiving unit for November.  After the new year, we are going to start working through all of the states.


Brittney said...

We did the blubber experiment this past winter, and it was a big hit with my 5 year old!