We took a well day.

After I got over my Case Of The Grumps, I decided we needed a fun day.

So Tuesday I decided we would take a field trip.

I didn't tell them where we were going.  I could feel their excitement building while I was packing up a picnic and putting on their shoes.

We drove a few miles from our house to spend the afternoon at Noah's Ark Conservatory.

I can't believe I had never taken the kids before.  We had SO much fun!

Noah's Ark is like a rehab facility for animals.  We spent the afternoon tromping around with peacocks, emus, monkeys, bears, and tigers.

Josie rocked the map.

Gabe was way into these chickens.

Maybe a little too into them.  The big guy decided he had enough of Gabe's harassment and gave him a little chase.  I'm sure I'm the worst mother ever, but it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  Gabe's little midget legs moved faster then they ever have.

He stuck a little closer to Mama after that.

I also decided birds are kind of freaky.  

Especially ones that are tall enough to look you in the eye.

We even got to watch this butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis!  Easily my favorite part of the day!

It was fun to have no agenda.  

Noah's Ark is full of wide open spaces that were perfect for running.  I'm so thankful for a break in the heat.  

I'm totally sure I have my Mama Mojo back after this.


Kelsey said...

We love that place!!

Kameron said...

That sems like a cool place. I think I like the idea of not telling the kids what we're doing and just surprising them! I will have to do something like that this weekend.

Sarah said...

I love that picture of Josie holding Gabe!

It's way fun to surprise the kids with a field trip - but getting harder to trick the older ones :)

Sherina Hubbard said...

I miss that place soooo much - I used to take my toddlers there when I felt a grumpy day coming on :-) its so stress free - Dauset trails is good too (not as good though - but lots of beautiful walking trails. Enjoy I haven't found a place like it in MO!

Christie said...

We have a similar place close to us. I also have a Gabriel who pestered the chickens a little too much and was chased by one. :) I loved it! :)

Love the pictures! :)

kimmer said...

What a fun day! Sometimes you just need to get out and find a new adventure! Looks like a lot of FUN!

kimmer said...

Looks like a very cool adventure!