Waffle Wife

Sometimes we have big ideas and big plans.

Sometimes they work out exactly like we envision and sometimes they don't.

One time we planned a family day to a Braves game that our kids were sure to flip over.

Only we forgot it was the middle of August, didn't give the kids a nap before we went, and left our car lights on so our battery died.

It was a total flop.

Little Nicci's was an idea that worked, but wasn't right for us.

It was fun and the business grew faster then we thought was possible.  But the vision we had for how it was going to free up our lives just wasn't reality.  The hours were long and we had no clue if it would make it long term.

A few weeks ago an opportunity came up for Andrew to go back to Waffle House.  We weighed the options and decided that the only choice that made sense was for him to go back.  We have little mouths to feed and college accounts to fund.  Starting a restaurant just wasn't the best move for us.

We don't regret trying it.

Andrew learns best from experience and he had to try starting something on his own to see that it wasn't all he thought it was going to be.  He learned a ton about business and partnerships and we ate a lot of pizza.

I re-joined the Waffle Wives Club two weeks ago.

Andrew is happy to be back and full of his usual big ideas to make things run better.  He is in a new area with lots of room for promotions.  The stress of starting Little Nicci's has melted away and we are settling back into our old normal.

will someone please tell this child to quit giving me heart attacks?

So that's what's new around here.

We have a couple of weeks of school under our belts and it's going better then I thought it would.  I wasn't sure how she would respond to having to do real lessons instead of just the fun stuff we had been doing.  We had one rough day but a little heart to heart about being obedient seems to have fixed the attitude.  

I am loving being her teacher and see some great memories in the works.

Gabe is doing great too.  

He hangs with us at the school table or right around us for the first hour of school and then spends some time in his room for his quiet time.  Josie is working with him on his colors and counting and she is a serious teacher.

And then there's this picture.

I love those little people.

We've been staying home more and I feel like we are spending a lot more quality time just being together.  It's been awesome.  They are seriously great kids.  Sometimes I look at them and wonder how on Earth I got to end up being their mother.

Life is crazy good.


Sarah Ann said...

I was recently re-leafing through a book I read years ago called The Dip, and your process reminded me of it! So excited for you guys to be able to end something that didn't work for you so that you could focus on more important things! That's such a hard decision to make, but worth it!

Lanie Beth said...

Excited for Andrew and your family to embark on another new adventure! Congrats!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


A lot of changes, but it is nice that your husband (your family) had the chance to try something new. It looks like you're headed on a new adventure.

I love Gab'e expression as he is climbing the stairs. It's like "what?".

I had big plans of going places this school year. We have some field trips planned, but I think I've decided to wait on some of the many classes I wanted my children to take. We need to stay closer to home and get use to our new routine and spending more time together.

I love the picture of you and the children at the end.