After taking a year off, Josie is once again donning her tutu and tights.

It's Ballet Season.

She had her first class last week and had the best time.

Her class is made up of mostly little girls that have been in class together for the past 3 years.  It's so fun to see how they are growing and improving.  The girls that used to look like drunk grasshoppers are now doing real ballet moves, floating across the room on pointed toes.

Andrew and I decided to fulfill her repeated requests to tryout for the Nutcracker.  She's practicing hard.  Tryouts are in three weeks and we're hoping to have a Snowflake on our hands after that.  

I'm biased, but she is the most adorable ballerina I've ever seen.

Our Josephina Ballerina.

And because I simply cannot resist an opportunity for a photo comparison:


                                    2010                                                                        2011



Casper said...

She is so cute, Good Luck Josephina Ballerina

kimmer said...

I LOVE the comparison photos!!! Oh so darling every step of the way!!! She's trying so hard and that's so great! She is beautiful! Hugs and best wishes for the Nutcracker tryouts!

BumbersBumblings said...

Oh she is precious! Look forward to meeting you at Created for Care!!

Heather said...

Way too precious... :) She will be great. she is so ambitious!

Anonymous said...

While reading this and scrolling down I was so hoping for a photo comparison!!!

Sarah said...

Love it - Josephina Ballerina! Elaina has decided she wants to be a ballerina. "princesses have too many rules to follow" she says. Oye!