Peaches & Cream

I don't mean to sound judgmental first thing in the morning, but instant oatmeal is gross.

I can't figure out why people eat it.

Instant oatmeal is ladened with preservatives and things nobody can pronounce.  Plus it's slimy.  Slimy in the morning is way gross.

The real kind only takes a few minutes more to make, is so much better for you, and tastes so good.

I make ours with milk on the stovetop and it takes no more then 10 minutes from start to finish.

We like it with apple sauce and cinnamon or a pinch of brown sugar and a little maple syrup.  Toss in any kind of fruit and you're good to go.  Our new favorite is peaches and cream.

Lordy.  This one is like having dessert for breakfast.

It's easy and you need to go make some pronto.

You need oats (real, old fashion oats), a peach, cinnamon, and milk.

Make your oats following the directions on the package, only instead of water use milk.

While they are cooking, chop up one peach.

I love pretty fruit.

Toss it in with the oats.  Sprinkle on some cinnamon and let it finish cooking.

When it's done cooking, you can eat it.  Or you can splash on a little half & half.  It's a wonderful thing.

Chia seeds are an awesome thing to have on hand.  I toss them on everything.  They have no taste and are loaded with omega-3s and dietary fiber.


Anonymous said...

Amy K.

jordyn said...

agreed, i love how chewy real oatmeal is. we'll definitely have to try this. :)

Cristi said...

I never thought of putting applesauce into Lauren's oatmeal. I could handle making real oatmeal for her if I didn't have to worry about chopping up the apples to recreate her beloved apples and cinnamon flavor.

The peach oatmeal looks yummy too!

Mo said...

I make myself "real" oatmeal several times a week, and I have never thought to put peaches in it. MUST TRY.

Piper said...

Our favorite combo is golden raisins, cranberries, slivered almonds, and a touch of honey :)

Austin's Mommy said...

Where do you buy the Chia Seeds at? I think that would be a great addition for my kiddos oatmeal.