Zane Education - TOS Review

I knew Josie was a visual learner when she mastered phonics after watching Leap Frog Letter Factory 5 times.

It's true for a lot of children.  What they watch on TV sticks with them.  Zane Education has taken that philosophy and created hundreds of videos to teach students everything from history to math to science.  There are online videos for grades K-12.  If you have a student, there's a video for them.


I had hoped to use a few of Zane Education's videos during our 4th of July unit, but after watching them I realized they were a little above Josie's grade level.  I'm glad that we have this membership for a full year.  As soon as we hit a few more basic history facts, I know that she will love these videos.  The movies are simple and easy to follow.

All Zane Education's online videos are subtitled.  This adds in some reading for a child that is a little older or that is learning English as a second language.  There are also online quizzes for each video.  I don't do much testing with Josie since she is still so young, but these would come in handy if you are teaching an older student.

This site is very easy to use.  You can sort the videos by grade level, subject, or title.  They also offer a great user guide with a lot of suggestions for using this program to it's maximum potential.

There are three levels of membership to Zane Education.  Bronze membership is $8.99 a month and grants you access to all videos within a subject of your choosing.  Silver membership is $12.99 a month and grants you access to all videos, in all subjects in the grade level of your choosing.  Lastly, Gold Membership allows you full access for $17.99 per month.

While Zane Education wasn't a good fit for us at this time, I do think that we will use it during the year as we touch on these deeper subjects.

Zane is offering a 35% discount on any 12 month membership through the end of August.  Use the promotion code: ZE542HSM

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Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.