4th of July School

We spent the past week learning about some of the basics that formed our nation.  

I'd be lying if I said I didn't learn a ton this week right along side Josie.  Like, that the Declaration of Independence was drafted in June of 1776 and signed on the 4th of July?  Had no clue.  I didn't know the names of the five men who wrote it and I couldn't recite the Preamble.

Embarrassing, huh?

It's OK, I know all that and a lot more now.  This homeschooling gig is good for my brain.

This unit was fun, but really hard to break down into a week.  It did get me excited to dive into some American History.  I don't know much about how our country began and I'm looking forward to really learning about it.  Not sure how much of it will fit into this year's plans, but come next year we are going to have fun with this one!

Here's a peek at a few of the fun things we did.

Flag Piece Art; School House Rock - Preamble
School House Rock -  Fireworks
Uncle Sam Puppet; Lady Liberty Headband