2nd Annual Slip & Slide

Last year, Andrew had the brilliant idea of throwing a 50 foot tarp in our yard and inviting all of our friends over to fling themselves down it.

Normally I scoff at these ideas.  But a giant slip and slide party?  That one sounded right up my alley.

Accept it isn't since I'm the biggest wimp and am always the last to go down.

I guess I should say, watching my friends go down a giant slip and slide is right up my alley.

20 bottle of baby oil, 10 bottles of baby shampoo, lots of great food, and the best friends ever was all it took to have an awesome afternoon.

And now, for your Thursday amusement, here are grown people acting a fool.

That baby was the funniest thing ever.  He could not get enough of the slip and slide!


Kameron said...

I brought the idea up to my husband and he said I was crazy! I would end up battered and bruised from a few slides down one of those things! lol

Cristi said...

Was the baby oil and baby shampoo to make the tarps slipperier? I was going to get a slip-and-slide or two for a party this weekend, but the longer tarps look like fun.

jordyn said...

hahaha, i remember doing that as a kid. so. much. fun!

Sarah said...

This is so much fun! Both my husband and I go down our kids' Slip 'N Slide....yep....that's how we roll! :)

Little for a Little While said...

That looks like a blast! Dangerous perhaps, but a blast!