Me & Her

I spent the last two days playing a watered down version of Toddlers and Tiarras.

Josie had a photo shoot up on the North side of Atlanta.  Sunday night, she told Andrew she wouldn't be home much because she had a "gig".  Where did she hear the word gig and who told her what it meant?

Beats me.

But she did and she wasn't.  Sad for Andrew and Gabriel, happy for me.

It was two long days with a lot of driving and outfit changing.  I've applied lipgloss and combed out her snarly hair more times then I can count.  I'm totally exhausted.

On our way up Monday morning I questioned my sanity of doing the shoot.  Now, as I'm laying here in bed ready for a quiet few days at home, I'm so happy that we did it.  Sure the pictures will be stunning,  the photographer is a genius and Josie had so much fun with all the girls, but it was the time in-between the clicks that made it all worth it.

I loved getting 26 hours of pure Josie Time.  Just me and her.

She's growing into such a little lady and has these thoughts and opinions and questions that make me giggle and wonder where she gets such a deep soul.  I left all my to do lists behind and decided to just focus totally on her for those two days.

We had Starbucks dates and sang loud in the car.  We told jokes and took the long way home so we could stop for some much deserved dessert.  I listened to long, and I mean really long, stories about some dog and Old Baby and I'm honestly not sure what else.  She lost me around twist five of the story, but I listened anyways.  It was awesome.

I love being a mom.  I want to do a better job of showing my kids that they are important to me.  That I know how lucky I am to get to spend my days with them.  I keep trying to get them to slow down and give me time to perfect my Mothering before they are grown and all my chances slip away.

Josie's the first child.  She's my guinea pig, the one I test all my parenting theories and ideas on.  And quite honestly, I get a lot wrong with her.

But these couple of days?

I got them right.

Wanna see Josie in action?  Click here to see all her photoshoot pictures.  
I know I'm biased, but the child is stunning.


Kameron said...

I am on number 2 and still feeling like I am doing a lot of things wrong. Hopefully they remember more of the times like these than the bad ones anyway!

Traci said...

It's my opinion that in mothering, even when we get it wrong we are still getting it right. Looks like you too had a good time and you both look fabulous! =D

Becca said...

Ok she is seriously the most beautiful little girl! :-) And I totally feel the same way about my Jayci :-)

Brianna Bell said...

you're not biased at all!! she is stunning!! what a beautiful little girl! I'm excited for when I can have fun dates with my now one-month old daughter :)

Amber said...

Love this post!!! Your doing an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I thought it was time to bring out some exclamations) :)

Km said...

She is beyond stunning!!! And you are a super... Out of this world extraordinary mama!!!!!!