Butterfly Art

We've been crafting our hearts out around here.

I'm pretty sure it's because it's Summer and, somewhere deep down, I feel a little guilty that I'm not giving Josie a Summer Break.  Apparently doing 5 art projects in one day removes all traces of guilt for me.  I also let her do school in her swimsuit while eating pink ice cream laced with Pop Rocks bearing names like "Cotton Candy Explosion" so let's not anyone feel too bad for the child.

This project is so easy I won't insult you by giving detailed directions.  

You need paper towels, food coloring mixed with water, and pipe cleaners.  Fold your paper towel into 16 squares, dip the corners into the colored water, dry, fold, hang.

And if you're Josie, repeat with an entire roll of paper towel.  Girlfriend likes dipping.


kimmer said...

Looks like fun and I bet they're all really pretty! Let's make some of these when you are here!!!

kelli said...

Great idea. :)