Bald And Beautiful

Let's just get this out of the way.  I shaved Gabriel's head.

Like, all his precious curls are now blowing through our yard in the Summer breeze.  

I'm a little surprised at the emotional response I've had to the loss of his locks.  I even considered just banning him from the blog until it grows back.  But, hey, my name is Nicole and I have an addiction to giving my children ridiculous haircuts.  It's who I am people.

Plus, Gabe kind of digs looking like his Dad and his head is shaped way to perfectly to keep him hidden from the World Wide Web.

I'd been thinking about giving him a little Summer Buzz for awhile and when one of our favorite Minnesota Boys got his head buzzed to look like Uncow Awon, I just couldn't resist.  Gabe needed the Purmort Cut too.

Only problem is that our clippers was missing the guard and I failed to notice until I was halfway up the back of his little cue ball head.  I frantically sent out picture texts to Nora and Andrew begging them to tell me this toupee look wasn't as bad as I knew deep down it was.

Even through text messages I could tell Nora was about to spew milk out her nose at his Mr. T Hairflap.  If I remember correctly, Andrew told me he looked like Kid and Play and begged me to just cut it all off.

So Gabriel went from baby boy hair model to seriously bald.

Like, y'all, he was totally bald.

By the second day, I actually could sort of convince myself it wasn't that bad.  Lord knows he was proud of his "haiwah"

And I may be totally insane, but by day three I swear it was already growing back.

I'd love to tell you that this time I'm officially, seriously, swear on my Mama, never going to cut my kid's hair again, but let's be honest, I've done that before and obviously have no problem going back on my word.  

But, whatever.

It's hair.  

He's still cute and it will grow back.  I'm laughing at how traumatized I was that first day.  This was like a life crisis for me.  I was in fight or flight mode and looking into baby wigs (which do exist).  It was probably around day four of the Buzz Cut of 2012 that I realized how flipping stupid I was acting.  The dude is gorgeous with or without hair and even if he wasn't, who cares?  

I have a ton of growing up left to do.


kimmer said...

Glad you're getting over it....cuz he is so cute with or without hair! Sometimes, as moms, we do or say things that we didn't really mean to do...but with this no one got hurt (only maybe your feelings) and he loves looking like his daddy and his uncle!!! I like it and I love you all!

Meghan said...

He looks adorable both with and without curls! And just think how nice and cool his little head will be.

Another side bonus: when a kid has a buzz cut, you can rub their head for good luck. True fact.

The Nyquists said...

I buzzed Tanner's hair about 3 weeks ago. Although I did use a guard:) it took awhile to get used to but now I think he looks so cute. You are totally right- your little guy is off the charts adorable with -or whithout- hair.

Anonymous said...

He does have a perfect head! :)
Amy King

Donovan Doins said...

I have the same hair cutting issue! when J came home he had this precious old man combover, so I trimmed and then trimmed a little more, and then...

Thinking surely I would overcome this issue, I go through periods of him having longer hair and then spring comes and bzzzzzzzzz its gone.

Beth said...

I love it!!! Caleb wanted a mohawk one year and then changed his mind so Jim shaved him totally bald! His bald head and his boney frame made him look like a cancer patient!!! I cried and cried! Gabriel looks too cute! It will grow back in no time!

jordyn said...

he's so cute either way!!

my husband's mom used to cut his hair waaay too short for the summer time. um, like, when we were dating in college. it was not cute, but i liked him all the same. of course, now i do all the hair cutting around here.

gabe, on the other hand, is adorb either way. personally though, the curls make me so jealous i'd never cut them off again either. :)

Kaia said...

Before I even read anything, I thought he looked like Andrew in the first picture! I'll be looking forward to seeing some curls again, though! :)

Kaia said...

Before I even read anything, I thought he looked like Andrew in the first picture! I'll be looking forward to seeing some curls again, though! :)

Kameron said...

I had a visceral response the first time I cut Natey's hair. I think it's because they look older with short hair than they do with a curly mop on top. I think he's gorgeous either way! :)