Seed Dissection

Josie has been having a blast working her way through Usborne Science With Plants book.

The book covers a ton of information on plants.  Josie knows the parts of a plant and what a plant needs to grow, so this was great for going a bit deeper.  We won't be able to fit all the projects into this unit and some are still a bit over her head, but the ones that we have done have been excellent.

We started our unit on plants by talking about the parts of a seed and then dissecting a bean seed.  We let the seed soak overnight and did our experiment the next morning.  

Even I thought this was pretty neat.  

The hard, protective casing slid right off and the seed split in half very easily.  We compared that to the very hard dry bean.  We didn't see much inside of our seed but still enjoyed the experiment.


Ticia said...

What a great idea to soak it overnight and look at the insides. I hadn't thought of that!

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!