Garden's In!

Last year's garden was a little wimpy.

We had squash and cucumbers and a rouge pepper plant that produced a million peppers at the tail end of the season, but it was all haphazard.  No plan and not a lot of care went in to it. 

This year I really wanted to find my inner green thumb and rock our garden.

We did mostly seedlings since I'm impatient. 

So far we have tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini in and growing.  This weekend I'm putting in green bean seeds and letting Josie pick out a couple extra things to try.  Watermelon and cantaloupe will go in too, per Andrew's request.

I'm super excited about all the blueberries on our bush this year!  I wish I would have gotten a few more in last Fall.

I love being in the garden.

Pulling weeds, digging, watering.  I love watching something grow out of a tiny little seed and produce food.  I love it all.

And so does Josie.  Which makes the whole thing even more fun.  She is my designated water-er and takes her job very seriously.

I'm looking forward to a great Summer in the dirt.

How about you?  Are you a gardener?


Anonymous said...

We are gardeners....on a bit more smaller scale now. We are teaching the kids this year how to garden. They were responsible for picking out what they would grow and responsible now to care for it :) So far they are loving it! Can't wait for them to harvest!
Amy King

kimmer said...

Totally awesome! I was hoping that you would find that inner green thumb!