Garden School - Week Two

We are still working through our unit on plants and seeds.

This week we spent some time learning about seeds in the foods we eat.

Josie loved finding seeds in all our fruits.

We are sprouting an avocado seed.  No growth yet, but we are hoping it takes!

We used our soup beans for math.

Simple counting one day and then we worked on math problems for the rest of the week.

Labeling and Copy Work

I gave Josie the parts to make her own flower like our chart and had her copy the words to label it.  I've started giving her daily copy work to get her used to doing her own writing assignments.  She has been doing an excellent job.

We ended the week with a really fun worm unit!

Josie was sure she hated worms, but was way into all of our experiments.  More on all our wiggly fun soon!

*Josie's is doing a curriculum for math, reading, and writing.  These posts show our theme work for the week.*


Phyllis said...

How lovely!

Donovan Doins said...

Be patient with your avacado seed.