Desert School

The kids and I spent the past month 1,805 miles from our school room.

I lightened up our usual school work schedule quite a bit, but one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that it can happen wherever we are.

It takes a little more preplanning then usual, but the lessons we do while out living life are always my favorites.  I brought along her math workbook and her reading workbook and had her work on those on the days we were just hanging around the house, which wasn't often.  

Our main lessons were hands on in the desert.

I love planning lessons around the area we are visiting.  I think it's great to read about our World, but reading about it and then going to see it first hand is the best!  

We started out by going to the library and getting books on what I had planned to cover.  

This year I decided to focus on the Saguaro Cactus and animals that live in the desert.

Cactus Handprints

Cucumber Cactus Project

We read about Arizona's state flower that grows on the Saguaro Cactus then made a mini model.

I made a little word hunt for our trip to the gardens.  Josie loved it.  We got really lucky and saw lots of desert animals at the gardens and ran into a bunch of volunteers that taught us some really neat things about all the plants.  It was a great field trip!

Rattlesnake Math