Tiny Mountain Climbers

See that mountain up there?

That's Papagos, or as Josie calls it "Papa Ghost".  

It's also "her" mountain.  

And since both my parents and Andrew's ditched us for The Grand Canyon, little Gabey got to take a shot at it too this year.  It was pretty hard for him and we ended up having to carry him most of the way.  I let that count as a double workout and got an extra large milkshake that night!

We took Josie to climb Papagos last year and she did pretty well.  This year she blew us away with her skill.  Girlfriend was fearless and didn't want any help.

Gabe and I took the trail and discussed how we'd both rather be laying by the pool.

I've officially decided that Josie is fully Andrew and Gabriel is fully me.

But the views are worth the sweat.

We ended the climb with a little celebration with the proud Dad.  

And hot dogs.  Cause we earned them.