Resurrection Week

We had planned to head out of town today so we did our Easter lessons a week early.

We decided not to leave until Saturday, but now I can share our Easter fun with you in time for you to grab some ideas!

I love Easter lessons.  We've done basically the same thing for the past 3 years so Josie can really recite the story to me each day.  This year we added in acting it out which she loved.  

Gabe also sat in with us.  Mostly because there were jelly beans involved, but I like to think that he was picking up some Jesus too.

Last year I scored these Ressurection Eggs at Hobby Lobby for 90% off.

I seriously did a strange dance, yelled out "Ressurection EGGGGGSSSS!" in a strange voice, and grinned from ear to ear all the way to check out.  Poor Amber had to witness all the craziness that I only let out over a good deal.

The first day I let them just explore the things in the eggs and tell me what they thought they represented.  Then each night we opened one egg and read the devotional that went along with it.

We did our Holy Week Chart again.

In previous years, I did all the prep and just had her assemble it.  This year she helped me decide what to use to represent each devotional then did the cutting and glueing herself.

I was seriously impressed that she remembered the whole story so well.

*click here to see a close up of each day

We did The Jelly Bean Story this year.

Josie and Gabriel loved it.

But they love anything involving gooey candy.

And just to be well rounded, we made a bunny mask.

It was a great week celebrating the empty tomb!


Kim said...

I love how Gabe doesn't wear a shirt during school hours :)

Lindsay said...

ohh man I meant to do the jelly bean story! Must remember for next year! I too would do a crazy dance over 90% of resurrection eggs! Stopping by from Preschool corner.