Under The Sea - week 2

My Under The Sea theme kind of got off course.

We focused on some aquatic things but it was more of the mermaid, submarine, goldfish variety.

Either way, here's a peek at what we did over the past couple weeks.

Josie is doing a curriculum for reading, writing, and math.  This just shows our extras.

Fish Facts

I made another accordion book for some goldfish facts.  It was cute until Josie used it to sop up a water spill.  

She has 2 goldfish and according to what we learned, we do not take care of them correctly!  Oops!

Sensory Play

Josie loved this.  I gave her a clear bowl half filled with warm water and some Dollar Store treats.  Then I let her have at it.  She played with this everyday. 

When the mermaids got old I added in some submarines.

They were supposed to dive and rise when I put baking soda in them.  

They didn't.

Writing Practice

I took full advantage of her new writing skills and had her do her own thank you cards for all her birthday gifts.  We did a couple each day and had them all mailed by the end of the week.  

So nice to have her help with this now!


We worked on counting higher numbers and her fine motor skills with this activity.  She counted the pony beads and put them on a pipe cleaner then I checked her work.  This was perfect for after naps when I wasn't quite done working since she could do it independently and just have me check when she was done.

Goldfish Counting

Octopus Counting

This was art and math rolled into one.  She painted her octopus one afternoon and then I added the numbers for our math project the next day.  She added the right amount of stickers to each tentacle.  This was a bit difficult for her to not mix up the tentacles but we stuck to it and got it done.

Next week is Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

We have a really fun week planned that I can't wait to share.


Jolanthe Erb said...

LOVE the whiteboard idea for counting the goldfish!! :)

Sarah said...

Fun water play ideas! I need to remember to do that more often...

I finally finished our adoption story that you ispired me to write down! Here is the link if you are interested in reading: