Well There Ya Go.


I didn't really intend to take a week off from the old blog, but it sure did fit nicely with my last post about unplugging.

Happy accident.

Really we've just been busy.

End of year accounting for Adoption Discovery, playing catch up with school, and opening a new pizza place.

Little Nicci's (after moi) opened in Griffin last week and we've been taste testing lots of pizza.

So much so that I've banned it from my house for at least a week.

Or until I'm too sleepy to cook.  Which ever comes first.

We aren't really the ones opening it.  Andrew's good friend is.  But when they were needing someone to create the technology side and handle some administrative things they asked Andrew.  Then he went and did such an awesome job that they made him a partner.

So now we are part owners of a pizza place.

A pretty stinking good pizza place if I don't say so myself.

Or is it, if I do say so myself.

Either way, it's good.

We've had play dates and birthday parties and gone on a marathon grocery day where we went to Whole Foods then Trader Joes then Sam's Club.

That was a serious run on sentence.

Our car was so full Josie couldn't hardly see out the window.

Now we are fully stocked and ready for some visitor next weekend.  I'm trying desperately to keep Andrew and Gabe from eating all the things I had tried to put up for them.

I sense that there will be a restocking day before our guests arrive.

Other then that, nothing is new.

Just plugging away at all we have going on.

And loving life and living life and just feeling pretty darn grateful.

How about you?

Anything new and exciting going on?


Sarah said...

such sweet pics of your kids! wanted to share how much your blog has reminded me to enjoy even those stressed out days. there was once a time, not long ago, i didn't have kids and longed so much for them. now, i too often get grumbly about life. thanks for that attitude of gratitude you so openly share! (i am writting out our story, and that reminds me too.) have a blessed day!