Well Loved - December

My buddy Ambo did a post on some of her favorite things a few weeks ago.

As a true stalker, I liked getting to see what she was loving at the moment.

So I'm joining in.

Here's a list of some of my favorite things from December.

Peanut Butter Blossoms

These babies are my FAVORITE Christmas treat.

I'd appreciate you not asking how many I ate in the week between when we made them and when I banished them from my house.

It was ugly.


I've wanted TOMS for about a year now.

I kept hemming and hawing over the price.  Then some friends said they were ugly and I got all nervous about wearing them and decided not to get them.

Then I realized that I liked them and didn't really need anyone else to like them.

Yea to becoming my own person!

Turns out I more then like them, I love them.

Comfy and, while not all will agree, cute.

I like them as an alternative to ballet flats.  I hate tennis shoes so these are a happy medium.

Gabe is next on the TOMS list.

What's In The Bible? DVDs

I've mentioned this series before and it is still at the tip top of my list.  We bought 4-6 for the kids for Christmas and have been loving them.

Apologetics for kids.

And for Moms that didn't ever learn it.

The details are awesome and the puppets are so funny.  It has been awesome watching Josie actually learn and retain what she watches in these videos.  I cannot wait to own the whole series!

PS - To the parents that have asked me how we deal with the Santa Issue since we don't actually do Santa, the Why Do We Call It Christmas? Video that came out this year handles it very well.  I was impressed.

My New Lens

Here's another little gem that I debated on for well over a year.

Tate told me that this lens would be perfect for my low light house and she was 150% right.

I'm waving goodbye to having to lighten every single picture I post.

Some people said the fixed lens was an issue with them but so far I like it.  Pretty sure this will be attached to my camera for a very long time.

The Park In Winter

We had an unusually warm week at the end of December and we took full advantage of it.

I am quick to put off trips to the park, but every time we go I love it.

New goal for 2012: More trips to the park!


Am I allowed to have an activity on my favorite things list?

I read A Stolen Life back in September and HATED it.

When I read a book I don't like it takes me a long time to want to read again.

I finally picked up the December Book Club Pick (The Christmas Train) and it was a good and easy way to ease back into reading.

I picked up Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children after and I devoured it.


Then I read The Kitchen House and again, couldn't put it down.

I think I finished that one in record time.

I met my 2011 goal of reading 24 books and have raised it to 30 for 2012.  So send me your suggestions.

So that's my December List.

What things are you loving these days??


Beth said...

im loving the view out my window right this sec as my 3 girls put on a dance show:) and i LOVE that lens!!!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I want TOMS & a 50mm lens like crazy! I've been told by a few people that a 50 mm lens is really great to have & now that I know it helps with low lighting (our home has serious lighting issues as well) I'm so looking for one! Did you get it online? Through what site/store?