Insta-Friday - 2

We are in full on Wedding Mode today!  

Nails, hair, dresses, rehearsals!

First Day will be up Monday, but here's some Instagram Fun for you until then.

life rearranged

Are you addicted to Instagram yet???

Lord knows I am!  Just another Social Media Addiction I owe to my NEW SISTER!
 BOGO Holiday Starbuck = happy me, Christmas Tree hunt, 
Christmas Cookie Night, Tree Fairy
Cheap Fun, My "I'm Going To Minnesota" Face,
Andrew's 30th Birthday Date (overnight date!), My Favorite Elf
 Happy Girl, 2AM Black Friday
Rearranging My World, Nutcracker Date with Josie Girl
Reindeer Games, Bathtime,
Stuck In A Couch, Gabey Baby


The Morris Family said...

Looks like a great week in pictures!!! Love this season of celebrating and decorating!!!


Denise said...

I loved your "about me" and identified myself with it, so much! You have such a beautiful family, adorabe kids! Congratulations and have a great weekend!

Emily Golding said...

Your little lady dressed up as an elf is a.dor.able : )