Christmas Math

We haven't done much schooling in December.

There are just too many crafts and fun things to go out and do to spend much time lesson planning.

This week we made salt dough ornaments and read a million Christmas books.  

I did manage to squeeze in a little math and Josie absolutely loved it.  

She asked to do it every morning.

It's super easy, can be adapted to any theme, and was cheap.

In fact, we had all the supplies in our closet, so it was free!

I cut a wonky tree out of felt, used buttons for ornaments, and wrote numbers on some star cutouts.

Josie has 1-10 down and has no problem with them.  10-20 still trip her up a little bit so this was great practice for her.

These trays are from Target and I wish I'd bought a set just for school.  They are perfect for this type of game.

She picked a star then added that number of ornaments.  Then she'd count them back to me, that way if she'd made a mistake she could hear it and correct it.

Next month we are learning about stars and I think this will work great with that theme too!


Anonymous said...

your first sentence gave me some relief...because we have not done much 'school work' either this month. We have done lots of crafts, games and reading...but school (following the lesson plan) has gone out the window...good to see I am not alone! :) the fun about homeschooling is they learn everywhere and everyday no matter how hard we try...

Annie Moffatt said...

Very cute!!

Bronwyn said...

That looks like a fun craft and like your child was concentrating on it well.
Like you I also have done not as much lately and suspect that we will take the week after Christmas off entirely unless my daughter decides she really wants to do something.

Becca B. {Ironic Adventures} said...

That's such a good idea! I have tons of buttons...we're doing snowmen in a couple weeks and I can see this working perfect for that!

Jolanthe said...

Love it!!! Super simple and easy!!! Thanks for linking up the idea. :)