By the time this posts, I'll be somewhere over Illinois.

We are headed up to Minnesota to watch my big brother get hitched!

To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement.  

His Soon To Be Wife is the coolest chick ever.  

I'm so so so so happy to get to call her my sister!

What I'm not SO SO SO SO happy about is the 25 degree HIGH I am about to encounter.  

Next weeks What I Wore is sure to include earmuffs and long johns.

In the meantime, here is a thrown together compilation of things I wore in November.  

Tan Jacket - Gap
Brown Floral Shirt - NY&Co
White Tank - Target
Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft
Girl In Footie Jammies at 3PM - Mine, All Mine!

This was the day after my brother's surgery and like day 4 of no sleep.  I was exhausted and stressed.  Andrew and I went to a movie and I was SO happy to be comfy!

Sweater - JCPenneys
Leggings - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Belk
Necklace - JCPenneys

Some Random Sunday

Sweater - Gap
White Long & Lean Tank - Target
Jeans - Forever21
Boots - Belk
Purse - Target

This day, I wore two of Amber's favorite things, an "almost too short to wear with leggings" tee shirt and my UGGS!

I was home all day and unbelievably comfortable so we'll go with it.

I also discovered how to Sock Roll my hair so I wake up with loose curls without any work!  You can't see it in this picture, but I love it.  I'm sure Andrew's less then thrilled since it means I wear my hair in a very librarian looking bun to bed, but the rocking hair is worth it.

Striped Cardi - Franchesca's
Red Shirt - Thread 4 Thought
Leggings - Urban Outfitters
UGGS - My Mama's cast offs

And I tried Boot Socks...

I liked them Ok.  I think I need some big chunky cable knit ones to make up for my bird legs.

Nude Shirt - Target
Black Dress Pants - SOOOO Old
Heels - Consignment
Hair Piece - Mattie Fran Designs

(Amy's whole shebang was from Marshall's)

Jean Jacket - Gap
Pink Shirt - Target
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Belk

Trying layers on for size...

Grey/Silver Shirt, Blue Tank, & Green Cardi - Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans - Banana Republic
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Target

Striped Shirt & Skinnys - Forever21
White Tank & Necklace - Target
Boots - Belk
Josie's Dress - Simply Southern
Josie's Boots - Walmart

And that's about it!

Come back next week to see what I wear when I'm freezing in a Minnesota Winter!


Anonymous said...

Here is a tip about boot sox....might save you a few bucks. My sister-in-law took an old cream colored cable sweater, cut the arms off and used them as boot socks. The cut part was at her ankles and the ribbed wrist part was out of her boot. Sooooo cute! I could not have guessed she did not buy them...
Have a great trip to Minnesota :)
Amy King

Anonymous said...

Your style is just adorable. I think you have some of the cutest boots ever! I love the skirt & denim jacket. It's precious. I've been wanting to try boot socks but have yet to find any!

Enjoy your trip. Congrats to your brother. Be Safe & Stay Warm :)

Sennie said...

Congrats to your brother & have a great trip!!
Thanks for visiting my blog Mothership Adventures, we do enjoy our life on the road, especially since it's not full time, lol. It's been so random these last 2 years, but our goal is to have our home bases in Maine & Florida & do a ton of traveling between these two points. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me:)

The Arizona Russums said...

JCPenney holler! I just discovered that JCP is more legit than it seems. I am sending you an email right now!

Beth said...

Cute cute! Love the last outfit. Have fun at the wedding. Are you coming back?:)

lori said...

i love your comfy outfit for the movies! very cute.