Obligatory Halloween Post

Halloween was awesome.

We went nonstop all weekend.

I had a Snow White then a giant flower, and a Gabe The Builder.

Yup, Batman ended up being a no show.  That's what I get for buying a costume a month in advance.

But they were adorable.

I'm letting them enjoy the candy today and then paying Josie $5 to fork it over.

Healthy eating plan goes into full effect tomorrow.

Bless their little sugar coated hearts.

And we signed Adoption Papers for Gabe Halloween afternoon!

And now, for the required picture parade:

Friday Night at Rock Springs Hallelujah Night

Costume Party at The Goodman's

 Trick or Treating in Barnesville


lori said...

so cute. and the pictures on your header are fabulous- tate does a great job!

MyLinda said...

I was the mean mom that wouldn't finish Lexy's costume until the day before...BTDT with the changing of minds :)

Congrats on signing your APA!! We will be signing ours in the next couple of weeks too!