Yesterday I shared about the hunt for our first real Christmas tree.

It was an adventure.

But the adventure didn't end there.  

You see, fake trees come with lights already on them and a stand to make it look perfectly straight.

Which is important to a girl with OCD tendencies such as myself.

Real trees require you to spend 30 minutes trying to get the perfect angle in the stand and another 30 minutes trying to evenly distribute lights, all the while listening to an almost 5 year old ask if she can start putting decorations on yet.

"Not until Mommy get's every. single. light. spaced juuussstt right baby."

Andrew and I worked hard for that hour getting the tree just so.

And then we stepped back to observe our handy work.

Ahhhhh, not exactly what I envisioned...

Throw in another 30 minutes and a couple extra helpers and we got that baby straight.

While I redistributed lights, Josie and Andrew proceeded with their favorite part of Tree Day...

Cookie Making!

Andrew is the Toll House Nazi.

He insists on following the directions on the bag EXACTLY.  

It's humorous to watch, but they honestly are the most awesome tasting cookies in the world.

I may or may not have eaten 10 spoonfuls of dough.

Decorating the tree was extra awesome this year.

Josie was a huge helper and Gabriel pretty much left the tree alone, which was a Christmas Miracle of it's own.

Of course our angel had to put the star on the tree.

And NOW the Holly Jolly can really begin!


Kim said...

Sweet :)

miamihoney said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!