You Made Me Mom

I had a hard time thinking up of how we should celebrate Josie's Gotcha Day this year.

It's been an emotional week.

The events that unfolded over the past 9 days lead me to want to bypass all the pomp and circumstance that we usually usher in Gotcha Days with.

It just didn't feel right.

While I still felt that this day deserved to be celebrated by raising the roof, I also felt a renewed sense of awe and pride and unfathomable love that this girl swept into my life and made me Mom.

Who was I before Josie Kathryn changed my world?

How did I breathe without her breathing the same air?

I know I must have still been me, but for the life of me I can't remember what that felt like.

It seems that so much of me was birthed the day she came home.

My passions and wants and the things that are most important to me stem from what she has taught me.

Being a Mom has been my dream since I opened my first Cabbage Patch Doll.

And then Doctors told me it couldn't happen.

Then that it could.

But it didn't.

And when I had all but given up on ever smelling baby powder on my own real babies head, here comes Josie.

Chubby cheeked, sad faced, perfect to a T Josie.

I will love all of my children with an intense love.

But Josie will always hold a special place with me.  Her Gotcha Day a special meaning.

And while she may not know what my heart sounds like from the inside, she defiantly knows my heart.

She knows it because she is it.

And that is reason to celebrate.

Josie's 4th Gotcha Day Celebration
Stone Mountain, GA
October 1st, 2011

Four years ago today, Josie changed my name and made me Mom.

I pray God will remind me daily of what that means.  For a renewed passion to bring lost children to their Forever Homes.  That we will work for more Gotcha Days for more kids.

The problem is big, but not unchangeable.

I'd love to have you commit to praying for our countries orphans.

It's my prayer that by Josie's 5th Gotcha Day, we can have a whole slew of Gotcha Day stories to share!


Stacy said...

Love this!

lori said...

this is beautiful!

Linda Z said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! "so much of me was birthed the day she came home." I love this so much. So beautiful! :)

Please pray that my health is fully restored, so we can have a "Gotcha Day" someday, too!

Bethany said...

This is so beautiful. One day we will adopt. And I love following your blog. Thank you for all your wonderful posts that bring tears to my eyes over and over again.

Tammy said...

Wonderful! We are just newly foster lisenced, and desperately waiting for that first day also. Right now I sit with the phone near me, waiting to hear from our worker about 2 little boys, ages 1 and 3, who MAY get placed with us. They have no known father and no contact with mom since May, so looks like a good chance for adoption; which is our hope, as yours was. I check your blog often, it has been an encouragement during our wait! Thank you.

kimmer said...

So beautiful.....Josie, you are beautiful and have brought all of us so much joy! Happy Gotcha Day!