They're WILD

This cooler weather that hit Georgia has me itching to be out and about at all times.

It's always short lived and I've got a lot of field trips I want to cram in so we are wasting no time.

Our first trip was to the zoo.

Josie had just gotten her first National Geographics for Kids magazine so she was all about seeing some snow leopards.

Which we never found, but she still had a blast.

We had a few other families meet us up there which added to the excitement level for Miss. Thang.

It was Olivia's birthday too!  

I love that spunky kid.

The giraffes are always my favorite and they were bumped up another notch when I saw how stinking cute their little wobbly babies are!

I love these monkeys too...


Bethany said...

what an adorable pic of the three of them!

jessica said...

giraffes are my favorite too!!! i got this pic for my sister (our mom passed and my sister loves giraffes and this pic just seemed to hold so much meaning) http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Giraffe-First-Kiss-Posters_i373146_.htm