Happy Birthday Mae Mae!

Today my awesome Mama turns 23 again!

I love this woman with every fiber of my being.

She's taught me about grace and being humble and hospitality.

From her I learned forgiveness, how to be a mom, and the importance of slowing down.

I'm still working on that last one.

We weren't always close.

There were years in there that I rarely spoke to her and that, as she says, she loved me but didn't like me.

But like any relationship that's been tried by fire, our bond is stronger then ever.

My best friend.

She came to spend the weekend with us this past weekend and I'm sure she is still recovering from my kids.

They were bouncing off the walls the entire time she was here.

She met Josie 4 years ago on her birthday.

It's hard to top giving her a grandchild as a birthday gift (although I did try to give her a grandchild to take home this year.  She didn't go for it!).

We had a little birthday celebration with Andrew's parents and some ice cream cake.

I set Gabriel's cake in front of him and, I kid you not, this was him 10 seconds later:

Bruster's should hire him for any advertising they may be needing!

She was here for about 72 hours and we crammed in her birthday dinner, a field trip to the pumpkin patch, dinner at Olive Garden, a soccer game, shopping, spray painting, sanding, tea parties, and lots of late night card games.

Like I said, I'm sure she's having a nice nap right about now.

We love you Mae Mae!

Happy Birthday!


kimmer said...

You make me so happy.....thank you for this beautiful birthday note!

Anonymous said...

Nicole this post was just so sweet. Where on God's green earth would we be without our momma's? I struggle with that thought!

A. Polk