Sight Word Work

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We are dabbling in the topic that gives me hives.


It's the one thing about homeschooling that I'm a nervous wreck about.

I've honestly considered sending her to school until she can read and then pulling her!

I feel like once she can read, the entire World is our school.  Any topic she can dream to question, we can read about it and learn all there is to know.

But the girl is ready for the basics and I'm finally ready to step up to the plate.

I still have no clue what I'm doing so I turned to Pintrest for some ideas.

This one was a huge hit and we played for a long time.

I just printed out a bunch of sight words and gave her one at a time.  We practiced the word then she used her See & Spell letters to spell out the word.  

I started with 5 and quizzed her randomly and she did pretty well.

I'll wait until we have these ones down before I introduce the next 5.

I'll take any tips on teaching reading!

Personally, I'm praying she teaches herself just like she did with potty training!


Anonymous said...

Reading seems to be taught differently these days in KG. We used to learn by phonics. Now, they teach sight words first. They memorize a list of words by sight, and then reading flows after that. I might could get a list of words for you if you are interested in teaching by that method :)
Amy King

jordyn said...

ooh that looks like fun! love those wooden letters!
sight words are great! when i start teaching words to my pre-k'ers i like to start with easy words that have meaning to them (color words, their friend's names, number words etc.) that helps them feel like that read which encourages them to want to learn more words.

i bet she will catch on quickly! she seems like she likes learning. :)

Kim said...

most kids read "Brown Bear" first these days. Use lots of site words and phonics :o)

kimmer said...

You are such an awesome Mom and teacher! You're doing an amazing job! Take time and be patient and it will all come together...Josie is such a bright little girl!