I signed Josie up for a Homeschool Co-op a couple months ago.

We've been counting down the days until the first day.

She gets to do PE and Math and Science and Art. 

My child is as social as they come, but we'll go ahead and throw socialization in there as another plus.

She was pretty excited.

I packed up her backpack the night before with her new crayons and folders and fancy new snack pack and hung it on a chair.

Then I stared at it for awhile.

Seeing it hanging there gave me a snippet of what non-homeschooling moms must feel before the first day of school.

Totally excited for this fun new adventure your baby is about to go on, but a little freaked out that your sweet, tiny baby is old enough to go to any kind of school.

Sure, I'll technically be in the same building as her all day (I'm teaching a class) and it's only one day a week, but for us, this is the closest to "real school" we'll be getting for awhile.

So here are the obligatory "first day of school" pictures.

For the record, I had a super cute new outfit picked out but the Batman thing is serious business for her.  It was the shirt or the full blown costume so this was our compromise!

She had a blast at "Real School".

And yes, I am slightly offended that she doesn't consider the hours I school her as "real school".

I loved the group of moms (and one dad) that taught the other classes and Josie was brave and did a great job in her classes.

I am very excited for the rest of the year and all the fun we will have at co-op!


Pearl said...

So happy she enjoyed herself and that the two of you could compromise on her outfit :) I truly enjoy her little pose with her hands on her hips, it reminds me a bit of her mother at that age ;)