We've been busy bees lately.

I feel like August has flown by and we're knocking on September's door.

Almost time for Fall colors and apple cider and pumpkin spiced candles.

And even though September forgets to bring cooler weather to the South, I'm ready to welcome it.

I wish it would bring slower paced days, but that's doubtful.

I got the job I applied for a month or so ago.

It's only two hours a day working from home, but it will force us into a tighter schedule.

Which I thrive on, so I'm actually super excited for.

The kids will be going to a friend from church's house each morning while I work and we'll be doing school in the afternoons.

I can't wait to dive into the new adventure!

After I mapped out our new schedule, I knew I needed to wrap up some loose things before we start.

Like devouring the Hunger Games Trilogy.

I finally get the obsession everyone had over Twilight and Harry Potter.

I stayed up way past my bedtime and finished all three in a week.

It's a miracle my kids survived since I was way too busy reading to feed or care for them.

I'm actually sad that it's over.

The movie comes out next March and I'll be dressed in my Mockingjay costume for the midnight showing.

Josie got a new ride.

I got an amazing deal on it and it's kept her and her little buddies occupied since we brought it home.

I think it's adorable to see her driving around with her dolls and her groceries in the trunk.

This little dude started walking last week and has kept me on my toes since.

If I thought he was into everything before, being upright has brought an entirely new meaning to it.

He has also added about a million new words to his vocabulary.

It should come as no surprise that his favorite and most used words are "eat" and "more".

Josie started soccer and is sure to be the next Mia Hamm.

I know nothing about soccer, but I do know that she looks freaking adorable running down the field with her little soccer ball.

Her team is called The Bugs which only adds to the absolute adorablness of it all.

We have been doing lots of painting around the house.

I redid our living room and then moved on to giving Josie's room a makeover.

Her new room is now my favorite place in the house.  I have to refinish her dresser then can show you the crazy transformation.

The brick red dining room is next on my list but I'm making my Mom fly down to help me with that one.

Top all that off with the weekend we just spent in Minnesota and you see why I'm ready for a set schedule!f


Kaia said...

"Eat" and "more." Sounds like a boy all right!

Anonymous said...

You all have been busy! Glad you are getting back into a routine. Routines help me keep my sanity. I love Josie's new ride, too cute. My son is getting ready to walk so you should feel sorry for me LOL. Hope you all have a great week!