Letter P

We are starting school on September 1st.

Which means we are running out of time to finish Alphabet Summer.

At this point, any activity that starts with a letter we haven't done is game.

Grasping at straws here people.

So when I spied Andrew and Josie picking pears off our pear tree, I whipped out her workbook and we wrapped up Letter P.

Andrew even threw in a Life Science Lesson and they talked about all the bees then watched them for awhile.

This one had 5 different kinds of bees on it.  

They were fighting eachother.  It was pretty interesting!

I doubt we will actually get through all our letters, but hopefully we will cross a couple more off these next couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

It seems like summer flew by. Just not enough time to do all that needed/wanted to be done. Consider yourself lucky though, my daughter actually already started back to school :(