Lego Land

We have a new obsession in The Pope House.

Legos have taken over!

It started when my brother gave my nephew a Cars 2 Lego Set after taking the kids to the movie.  

Josie thought it was the best thing ever.

And the idea of building endlessly with Legos was even more irresistible after we took her to Lego Land at The Mall of America!

All these huge things are made from Legos!

It's unbelievable.

The Wall of Legos was my personal favorite.

Organized by color, size, and shape?!?!  

Yes please!

If only I could keep Josie's growing collection this organized!

I see many many days of stepping on tiny Legos in my future!


miamihoney said...

We just took our son to LegoLand in California- he loved it! Super neat. They are building a new theme park in Florida so that may be an option. I think it is cool that he wants to build and it reminds me of my childhood too.

Beth said...

I am with you. I wanted to cry from pure joy seeing all those legos organized! I'm a freak!!! (sounds like you are too:)

Anonymous said...

looks like you need to find the pin about having/making the lego clean up mat! That is if she can play them in just one spot!

kimmer said...

So muh fun and so cool hat Josie has discovered the joy of legos!!!! Hours of joy are on the horizon!