I was feeling brave last week, so I decided to load up my kids and drive to Florida for the week.

Remember how Gabe cried for 6 hours straight the last time we attempted to bring him down?

Well, I was armed with loads of snacks and what I was sure would cure his car ride meltdowns, The Double Screen DVD Player.

Surely this would be a smooth ride.

It worked for all of 30 minutes.

The kid just hates the car.

He cried so hard he puked on himself about 10 minutes before we pulled into my Dad's.

Luckily, his hatred for vacation ends as soon as he gets out of his carseat.

We had an awesome week of sitting in the sun, swimming, and enjoying the 4th Small Town America Style.

It was so relaxing to just hang out.  We did venture out to a puppet show at the museum and pizza from Satchel's but the rest of the time we spent out at Grandpa Beach.

Thanks for a great weekend Dad!  See you again SOON!


Linda Z said...

Poor little man... that so hard when they don't want to be in the car. Looks like a fun vacation though. Those butterflies are amazing! :)

Kim said...

I assume Josie pushed him down in that last one-- but dang-- it's precious!!

Beth said...

So cute!!! It's hard on a moms heart to hear them cry like that isn't it? All our newborns do that. I used to look at all those babies sleeping in carseats at the grocery store and think " what am I doing wrong?!". They just hated the carseat!