stART - Giant Squid

I usually head out on vacation with a long list of school activities we are going to do and come back home with maybe two crossed off.

I love using travel as a springboard for school, but I'm learning that sometimes sitting by the pool all day is just way more appealing.

So I only brought one project down to Florida with us.

It was a big one, but I was proud that we actually got it done!

I thought Meg's Squid Art was perfect since we were in Florida so I went with that.

We read, "I'm The Biggest Thing In The Ocean" and then got started.

You need 4 BIG sheets of paper, paint, glue/staples/tape, newspaper, and 2 sections of an egg carton.

My little sister, Aly, was my assistant.  Josie's been attached to her hip the whole week.

In one sitting, go crazy painting your sheets of paper.  You can do whatever you want, just cover it with paint.

Then let them dry.

Once they are dry, cut out a conehead shape out of two sheets.

Glue 3 sides together, then stuff the inside with newspaper to make it 3D.

Cut your other two sheets into strips for the leg things.

Then staple them on the open side of the squid's head to close it up.

We took Meg's advice and attached bubble wrap onto the legs to make it more squid like.

We spent the rest of the weekend in the company of Josie's new friend.

Another fun project checked off!