Over the past few weeks I've come to the realization that I am a part of one seriously awesome family.

This past couple years have been laced with pain and fear and sickness. 

Caring for my Grandpa was a fulltime job with pleanty of chances for worry and weariness to creep in.

But everyone stepped up to the plate and cared for him exactly the same way we know he would have done for each of us.

After his Memorial Service, we all headed back to The Cabin to spend the day together.

Sometime after lunch my Grandma disappeared and when she reappeared she had us all laughing and once again remembering why our family is so amazingly awesome.

She told us how everytime she got discouraged or felt too weary to go on, her friend told her to "put on her Big Girl Panties and deal with it."

So she did.

And any Grandma that can handle all that life has handed mine and deal with it with nearly as much grace and poise as she has AND look this good in her Big Girl Pants is pretty awesome in my book.

I can't imagine how hard losing my Grandpa is on her.

I know the level of pain and longing I feel and I know her's must be multiplied exponentially.

But I also know how strong and brave and wonderful she is, so I know she will be OK.

I hope she knows just how much we all love her and how greatly we appreciate the way she cared for my Grandpa.

The way she cares for all of us.

I think if I end up being 1/3 the Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and GiGi that she is I'll be amazing too.

Love you Grandma.

Thanks for teaching me how to Deal.


Amber said...

So Sweet!!! She is a wonderful woman! : )

jessica said...

Wow I'm just catching up here and you've had a lot going on! Congratulations on Gabe!!!!! Its almost 11 pm on July 25 so I'm thinking yay?? I never had a grandpa (or a family really) so its great to see you appreciate yours so much. Although he's physically gone you have memories and a love that will last a lifetime.