B, S, T, W and X

Over the past couple weeks, my well laid out plans have been thrown out the window.  

Other things have taken a much higher precedence over getting Alphabet Summer done.  

We'll be doing some traveling and spending lots and lots of time with family, but we have snuck in a few letters and I know I'll be able to improvise to get even more squeezed in.

So here's a few that we've done.  Some planned, some winged.

B for Blueberries - We were going to go to the big Blueberry Patch but it's not looking like that will fit in.  Lucky for us, we planted a couple blueberry bushes last Fall and they are producing more then we thought they would this first year.

S for Squid - We decided our Giant Squid Project could count as our letter S work.

T for Tornado - This kinda sorta worked.  We were supposed to use a smaller water bottle, but I thought bigger would be better.

It wasn't.

The tornado did form, but it was hard to see and my arm hurt from twisting the thing!

W for Worm - Josie found a worm that she named Caterpillar and carried around for a few days.  Sounds like a good W activity to me!

X for eXplorer Walk - This one was planned.  We went to the nature park by the house one night and walked the trail through the woods.  Josie found some cool things to add to the Nature Table we are setting up. 

We are headed up to Minnesota soon so I'll be improvising a few while we are gone and hopefully learning a lot about the state in the process.  But mostly, I'm hoping to teach her the value of Family Time and the importance of holding them close.


Kameron said...

Good for you for sneeking in learning with the fun. it is so hard over the summer when it is so nice out to focus on those things!