American Girl

My Mom took us to The American Girl Cafe while we were in Minnesota.

My Aunt Suzy came to spend the day with us too. 

I loved it when we went last year and the Mall Of America store was even better.  The place is HUGE, two stories of pink and flowers and dolls galore!

We told Josie she needed to choose between a new doll or going on rides.  Lucky for us, the rides were right outside the window of our booth and ended up being more appealing then another doll.  Not to mention a fraction of the price!

Poor Old Baby was left at the house.  In fact, she ended up with a one way ticket.  

Baby Sarah got to go to the Cafe AND come back to Georgia.  I won't lie, I begged her and almost cried when she decided to leave Old Baby at Mae Mae's.

I have to admit though, Baby Sarah is pretty cute!

Gabe did awesome, but like any 18 month old, started to get a little restless towards the end of lunch.  Lucky for us, my Mom and Suzy have some killer dance moves that Gabe found hilarious!

Josie and I hid under the table!

We spent some time in what I will always call Camp Snoopy even though they sold out to Nickelodeon.

The kid's eyes were the size of saucers the entire time.  

It was a Kiddie Wonderland!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we left the mall and went to my brother's kickball game!

Such a fun day!  There is nothing better then a Summer Night in Minnesota!


kimmer said...

Oh my gosh.....what a fun day we had! Thank you, thank you, for capturing so much in your wonderful photos! Love Josie driving Auntie Suzy around in the 'big rig'! Great fun and the children were SO GOOD! Love them!

Jami Nato said...

um, he is so sweet.