Summer Is Here!

And that means we are doing lots and lots of this.

Which does not require getting dressed.

I'll be honest, I spend 90% of the Summer in a swimsuit.

This Northern Girl just can's stand the heat.

And even though I just bought a few really cute new swimsuits, there's no way I'm posting pictures for the World to see!

So What I Wore Wednesday will probably only be a once a month thing for awhile.

But there will be lots of pictures headed your way that look remarkably similar to these:

The Kids LOVE the water.

 Tell me he isn't the cutest baby EVER!!!

And of course, it isn't officially Summer until you break out the Daily Popcicles.

This was Gabe's first try.  

It safe to say I'll be needing extra boxes this Summer!


Babymama said...


I must agree. He is the CUTEST BABY EVER!!

Is he taken? Ava is asking. Again.


The Nyquists said...

CUTE pictures!! And VERY VERY cute baby! He looks so absolutley happy. You may be jealous of the lake but believe me the heat is something that we have not seen yet this summer up here :) I'd give anything to bust out the swimsuit at this point!!

Leslie said...

Cute pictures & ADORABLE kids!

Jessica said...

I wouldn't be the least but surprised if you tell us one day that there will be no more pictures of Gabe because you've eaten his face! I would've devoured him already!