One Down

25 TO GO!

It seems like Letter I is always one of our first to accomplish for Alphabet Summer!

What can I say?  We love ice cream around here!

Josie spends every Monday over at her Nana and Papa Curt's house.  She has since the first week she came home and it's pretty much her favorite day of the week!

They don't get much face time around Journey To Josie, but they should since they play a HUGE role in her Journey!

So this past Monday, while Josie was being spoiled, Gabriel and I headed out with the Mabrey's to pick fresh peaches!

And in our book, fresh peaches call for fresh homemade peach ice cream!


So much so, I'm going back next Monday to get more peaches so we can make it at our house!

We just may do Letter I every week!


MyLinda said...

Yum, that ice cream sounds so good! And I love that Josie gets to look forward to every Monday to spend time with her Nana & Papa, what a blessing for her, them and you! So many wonderful memories are being made!