Gabes Room

I'm working at VBS (Vacation Bible School) all week so our days are way more hectic then usual.  So I figured this was a good week to share a few things that have been on in draft for a while now.

Like Gabriel's room.

Gabe's room is still a huge work in progress.

Well, not so much progress as put on hold.

As soon as the adoption goes through I have plans to really gussy the place up for him.

Right now it serves as our guest room and nursery.

I am basing the colors off our favorite book, "Tickle Monster."

We have tickle gloves that go with it and the kids spazz every time we read it.

Green, Blue, Orange, and Red.

The walls are brown now, but will be an awesome Disney Blue when I get around to it.

Just like Josie's baby bedding, I bought this set from Pottery Barn Kids about 4 years before we even had kids.

What can I say, I feel the need to prepare for all situations!

The bedding on the Guest Bed is just from Target.  I want to layer it up when I redo the room.

My favorite, favorite part of his room is his Life Verse above his crib.

I say it to him at least once a day.

It's calming.  It's reassuring.  It's perfect for his life.

So that's it for Baby Gabe's room.

Hopefully we will have TPR in hand by the Fall and we can get rolling on the real fun stuff!

And since we're on the topic of Gabey Baby, I cut his hair.


And all I have to say is I miss his curls and I should never, ever cut my kid's hair again.


Linda Z said...

Such a cute room. I love the shape of the crib and the wonderful verse over it! :)

miamihoney said...

He is so beautiful, I would be missing the curls too. Great verse to have in his room.

Kaia said...

Great life verse! I was wondering why Gabe looked different.. his curls were cute but this is a good look on him, too :)