We Fed A Giraffe

We have gone to the Phoenix Zoo every year since Josie was born.

We almost ran out of time this year, which is humorous since we've been here for 3 weeks.  But we made it over there on our last full day.

I had one goal in mind for our trip,

  feed the giraffes!

Last year the line was way too long so this year we rushed over there as soon as we got in the gate.

Feeding the giraffe was AWESOME!

This girl was gorgeous up close!  Her name was Eyelash and she's Josie's new best friend.

A giraffe's tongue is 15 inches long!

My fellow OCDers should be proud of me.  I didn't even cringe when this beasts tongue wrapped itself around Josie's hand!

The rest of the zoo was great, just like always.

But after feeding a giraffe, the other animals had a lot to live up to.  Once Josie realized she wasn't going to be able to touch the lions and rhinos she was done with the zoo.

And for comparisons sake, here's a little 2009/2011 Carousel Picture.


Anonymous said...

I love the zoo and I LOVE Eyelash. She is a beautiful creature. Looks like you all had a great time. Miss Josie is a doll :)

Kaia said...

That's a neat thing to be able to do! Hmm.. I wonder if our zoo does anything like that...