If We Were BFF's

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I have a new favorite blog.

It changes every week.

But this one might be a sticker!

Ashley over at Little Miss Mama is my cup of tea.

It's been over a month since she did her Linky Party, but I think it sounds super fun.  So if you do a post let me know so I can find out everything I'd need to know if we were going to be BFF's!

I can NOT have my belt loops show.  Ever.
It's a lesson I pounded into our old Youth Group Girls heads for over 4 years and I just feel exposed if they show!

Dishes in the sink make my skin crawl.

I talk to my Mother every. single. day.

I am incapible of picking paint colors without every person I know's input.

I pretend I'm an all natural organic eater, but I love me some Chic-fil-a and brownies and Starbucks.

I start 90% of conversations, "I read on a blog..."

I may, on (frequent) occasion, eat yummy desserts while my kids nap.  
Treats taste better when kids are sleeping!

I L*O*V*E vacuum lines in the carpet.

I don't cry.
Not even at The Notebook, which apparently is very offensive to everyone who hears that.

But I am emotional.  Just not publically.

I avoid eye contact which makes me look like I'm uninterested or lying or just rude.  It's one of the very last effects of my seedy past that I'm trying hard to get rid of.

Speaking of my seedy past, I used to be a druggie.
 Like, bad drugs.
Mostly Meth.
GROSS, huh?
I'm not proud of it, but I am EXTREMELY proud of how God turned my life around.

And speaking of God, I know that He's real because of the way he saved me from myself.  Not to mention the everyday awesomeness that He shows me.  For some people, He's an idea or a religion.  For me, He's my Hero.

I am now, and always will be, a Daddy's Girl.
No matter what.  
My Dad is the most creative, funny, real person I have ever known.

And even though I didn't inherit any of his creativity, I did inherit his sarcasim and dry sense of humor.  So please don't be offended by me.

I once read that pigs don't sweat and hold in all the toxins they produce so I can't eat pork.

Andrew has NEVER heard me pass gas.  That's quite a feat for 11 years together!

Now what kind of stuff would I need to know about YOU!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Dude no farting in front of Andrew? I think i did in front of Matt the third time we hung out...oops....

The Edberg's said...

If we were BFF's, you would need to know:

I don't respect habitually late people.

I fart in front of most people I love and they do the same. It's how we relax and laugh.

I am not a cat fan.

I have a dry sense of humor.

I don't know how to receive compliments or gifts, I'd rather be giving them away.

I don't have a close knit group of friends, but most of my close friends are from different groups and times in my life.

I am currently making up for my fashion sheltered growing up by purchasing more than my share of clothes and shoes. I can't stop.

All of the cars I have owned have hit 100,000 miles or even 200,000 miles under my ownership. None of them were new, just new to me.

I like to help people who are willing to put some work into helping themselves.

Crystal said...

Ok the last part about not passing gas in front of Andrew..pretty funny! MY SIL is the same way and coincidentally her bf is named Andrew also!

Love, love, love the fact that you are not afraid to share your past and that you praise God for saving you!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

hehe, this list is fabulous! i was nodding in agreement to so many of these {except I cry like a fool in the notebook}! you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

So lad to see everyone on the LMM bandwagon! She is THE best!

Donovan Doins said...

Another non public cryer! Can it be?

You would need to know that I hate styrofoam cups.
I am passionate about homeschooling.
I love the smell of coffe but don't drink it.
I love my hubby and son.
And finally, I can't live a day or a moment without Christ-really, who can right?

Thanks for the peak at you.

miamihoney said...

If we were besties you would need to know:
I a not the most pleasant when I am tired, a real grouch ball.

I like to treat myself and the people I love to things that make us smile.

I hate the feel of hair in my hands/fingers.

I am always a phone call away if you need me.

My mother is totally the momma I hope to be to my son.

I need a nudge to be my best self... I get in my way all too often.

I love whole-heartedly and completely :)