My Inner Artist

This past weekend has been insanely busy. 

Actually, the past two weeks have been insanely busy.  But especially this weekend.

It's all been super fun, but it has left me totally worn out.  In fact, after I write this little post I plan to snuggle myself in my bed and sleep forever.

Or until a baby wakes up.

My fun started Friday Morning when I had the luxury of getting a real live babysitter who actually came to my house so that I could go get my hair did.

I was starting to resemble Mrs. Clause so it was high time.

I had the most relaxing time and have decided that it is 100% worth the money to go to a salon every now and then.

I also decided that my kids are not at all aware of how great they have it.  There is nothing like having someone wash your hair.  They do not appreciate it the way they should.

After that I got to go on a Mom's Night Out with a great group of women that I never really get to hang out with.

Except Amber, Lord knows I see that girl on a daily basis!

We all piled into Sheena's minivan, because that's how Hot Moms travel.

And we went to Sip and Stroke.  Not to be confused with the much trendier Sips and Strokes.

Which we did confuse and were slightly disappointed with.  I mean, come on, who steals the name of another company and just omits a couple s's? 

That's just dirty.


Lucky for us, we can all have fun anywhere and the night was a total blast. 

We brought our own food.

Well, Sheena brought her own food. We all ate it.

The weird faces behind Miss Booty Clap was what we were supposed to be learning to paint. 

And by learning, I mean completely doing it on our own and trying desperatly not to use too much paint which would result in public humiliation at the hands of our not very friendly teacher.

We seriously laughed all night.

And as goofy as the painting started out, they actually started to look kinda sorta OK.

I mean, no doubt they are all ugly as sin, but still not as bad as I thought they'd be!


My Dad and my Brother are amazing artists.  How come I ended up with ZERO artistic ability?!?!

Andrea did Josie, McKenna, and Kensley and it actually turned out to look a lot like them!

We had so much fun and stayed out way past our bedtime. 

And while I had a great time and would love to do it again, I think I'm safer sticking with my glue gun and coffee filter art!

When Josie saw my painting the next morning, she was smitten.  She is insisting that I hang it in her room!

At least someone appreciates my inner artist!


Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

I went to one of those places and my painting turned out just awful! I learned my crafting abilities do not extend into the paint-on-canvas realm!