Book Advent

I saw this idea right after Christmas last year and have been dying to do it ever since.

It's a Book Advent!

You wrap up 25 books and each night you have your child open one and you read it by the tree.

I did really good finding Christmas books up until Gabe came and then I totally quit looking.  We ended up with 13 Christmas books and the rest I'm getting from the library.  I'm thinking that we will add a new one every year to the collection until we have 25.

I made the mistake of putting our basket of books under the tree on November 29th.  Three days before Josie was allowed to open one. 

Needless to say I spent the next 2 days saying, "Not until December 1st."

Next year the books stay in my closet until December!

I was a little nervous when she picked the one that I knew she had read a million times.  She's had it since her first Christmas.

But the excitment of unwrapping it overshadowed the fact we'd read it before.  I can't wait for her to start picking the ones we've never read!

How do you count down to Christmas with your kids?


Mo said...

Love this idea! Would you mind sharing your list of books?