Our Covergirl!

At the end of September I heard about a local casting call from a friend on Facebook.  It was for a high end magazine, Silverspoon, based out of Atlanta.

All you had to do was send in a picture and they would let you know if your child was picked. 

People have been telling us to get Josie into modeling since she was a baby.  But I'm leery of child modeling agencies and am so not a Stage Mom that we never pursued it. 

But I knew the photographer so I decided to send in a goofy shot of Josie just for fun.

This is the one I sent:

Not one of her most Model-like photos. 

Although I do think I've seen that pose on America's Next Top Model.

So I was pretty shocked when I got a call the next day that the Editor had to have Josie in the shoot.

I was even more suprised when they called us back and wanted her to come out for 2 days.

How fun?!?!

I tried to warn them ahead of time that Josie is gorgeous, but she is not a fan of the camera and can give some mean looks.

But when we got to the shoot my child, who cries when I even suggest combing her hair and who refuses to wear anything but her Purple Twirly Dress (yes, it is a proper noun these days), turned into a pro.

Please do not mistake the look on her face for a look of displeasure.  She was in full on Diva Mode and loving the attention!

I loved that they didn't use make up and they barely touched her hair.


After that first outfit she had the hang of it and walked around making friends with the other kids. 

I was so proud of how well she did!

And a little jealous that they don't make these clothes in my size.

And the second day she had a few friends in the shoot with her so she had a total blast!

Then she was sad the next day when she didn't get to wear any "fancy clothes."

Andrew and I went shopping Monday and I had to restrain myself from telling everyone that my daughter modeled the clothes that just came out for the holidays.

I'm not a Stage Mom yet, but I think I may be close!

The magazine came out today so go check it out!


Anonymous said...

love Love LOVE HER! She is so precious! Amy King

Elle Belles Bows said...

YEAH!! Such a beautiful gal and great photos too!! Kerri

Ashley said...

Josie is beautiful! I love the pictures.

jessica said...

Green coat pic is the BEST!!!