The Next Chapter - November

This past week we had our October meeting of The Next Chapter Southern Division!

Alicia hosted and in honor of the 75 degree days we've been having she had a cookout.  It was super yummy and her peach cobbler was super SUPER yummy!

The book was kind of a flop.

We read, "Double Bind."  And if I thought I had a hard time summerizing last months book, there's no way I'm going to be able to do it this month!

Basically the story surrounds a woman who was attacted, then works at a homeless shelter, then a cliet dies, then they discover he used to take pictures of famous people, then she becomes obsessed with discovering who he was before he was homeless, then her friends all think she has gone nutso, then it turns out they were right.

Throw in the entire cast of The Great Gatsby and a sort of twist ending and you've got The Double Bind.

It had potential but it just wasn't captivating.

Only 3 of us finished it and one of us (AMY!) didn't even start it. 

The discussion was hilarious though because the more we discussed, the less we could tell what actually happened in the book! 

It was a good time.

Darlene is up next and we all clapped when she announced she is picking a Christmas book.  We are reading, "Finding Noel."

Darlene's house is AMAZING at Christmas so I know next month will be so much fun!


kimmer said...

I am so jealous you guys have photos of your fun gatherings!!! We always forget to take pictures. I love so much that there is a "southern next chapter" extension of book club!!! Only wish we could be in the same group. Why are you not in this picture? Oh...the photographer!

kimmer said...

One more thing...why do you have your October bookclub in November??? I'm just sayin'...